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custom cut mirror

We manufacture, carry, and deliver a wide range of custom-cut mirrors. High-quality, mirrors are available with a full range of finishing and styles, including polish, clear, low Iron, grey bronze mirror, and others.




Downey Glass has been a professional manufacturer of custom cut mirrors for 40+ years. It has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality custom mirrors for customers to meet the needs of different customers.

Custom mirrors from Downey Glass can give your home an incredible makeover at a reasonable cost. We have a large selection of custom mirrors in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Complete processing equipment and high technology provide complete product solutions. We specialize in customizing framed or unframed mirrors to match any specifications you may request. 

Our highly skilled mirror design team will transform your mirror concepts and ideas into a reality. Whether you want a single large mirror for your gym or multiple mirrors for a studio, our team will make it happen for you!

Downey Glass is one of the leading mirror manufacturers in the mirror and fabricated glass industry. We can custom build and manufacture many types of mirrors to your specifications with quick turnaround times.

Mirror - 2nd sectin


At Downey Glass, all of our outstanding custom glass fabrication capabilities can be applied to our mirrors as well, and our experienced craftsmen excel in custom mirror fabrication. Mirror fabrication capabilities include cutting, beveling, surface and edge finishing, grooving, polishing, and much more. Various mirror sizes, glass thicknesses, custom water jet fabricated shapes, drilled holes and cut-outs, tempering, and additional fabrication are all available upon request.

Downey Glass is the leading mirror manufacturer for several projects in multiple industries. Some of the industries we have served include:

• Architectural specialties

• Custom residential

• University housing

• Shopping malls

• Sports arenas and stadiums

• National retail and

• Grocery store chains

• Retirement centers

• Hospitality

• Medical facilities

custom cut mirror
custom cut mirror


From the entryway to the hallway, from the dining room to the bedroom, mirrored walls double the appearance of your current living space while adding light to brighten your home.

​We offer many types of mirrors including:

Custom Mirror

Framed Mirrors

Unframed Mirrors

Clear and Tinted Mirrors

Clear Mirror

Clear Antique Mirror

Polished Edge Mirrors

Acid Etched Mirrors

Antique Mirrors
Beveled Mirrors 
Lighting Mirrors

Flat Mirrors

Low Iron Mirrors

Rectangle Mirrors

Round Mirrors

Oval Mirrors

Bronze Mirror

Bronze Antique Mirror

Gold Antique Mirror

Eased edge

Commercial Mirror

Gym Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Entryway Mirrors
Fireplace Mantle Mirrors 

Floor Mirrors
Beveled Mirrors

Mirrored Doors
Dance Studio Mirrors
Bar Mirrors
Antique Mirrors
Handheld Mirrors
Deco Wrapped

Beveled strips

And many more

custom cut mirror


When you need a mirror for your home or business, stop by Downey Glass to visit the showroom and see if anything strikes your fancy. If you don’t see exactly what you need, we will provide you with a custom mirror at reasonable rates. If you have the vision, we can make it happen.

Buying From The Source - Manufacturer Direct Pricing

Downey Glass is a proud owner of a manufacturing glass company that creates jobs for Americans by making our products in the United States. All custom glass products are built in-house, from assembling and framing to packaging. Buying directly from the source allows you to have true quality at the best factory direct pricing. From the workshop directly to you!

Mirror Manufacturer & Retailer

Downey Glass is one of the few companies that can build and ship custom sizing and framing for decor mirrors. It's never been easier to design your own custom framed mirror with the exact size and style that you want and have it delivered right to your doorstep. All Downey Glass mirrors are thick glass mirrors with high-quality moulding and secured with safety backing tape.

Innovation + Quality + Service

Downey Glass is constantly pushing innovation into its designs, products, materials, and processes to meet the demands of its clients. The company’s unmatched quality goes beyond its custom and artful designs, styles, sizes, finishes, and master craftsmanship. Every project is delivered with great efficiency and unparalleled customer service.​​



Custom options let you choose your custom mirror fabrication - Your Glass, Your Way!

Peace of Mind

Guaranteed to arrive in one piece! Any Damaged orders are replaced at no cost.

Free Estimation

We offer free on-site estimates to all customers. Our estimators will determine what mirror, design, and style would be the best fit for your project and budget.


All Custom Mirrors Are Not Created Equal, and Neither Are All Mirror Manufacturers.

custom cut mirror

Get In Touch

To learn more about our custom mirror glass, reach out to our team. The Downey Glass team can help determine which custom mirror opportunities will perfectly frame your next project. Get started by getting in touch.

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