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Back Painted Glass

Downey Glass offers customizable and economical back painted glass in a range of finishes & virtually unlimited colors. Back painted glass is the perfect material for introducing color into space in sleek and modern fashion. 




Back painted glass, also known as “color coated glass,” is a type of glass painted on one side using a durable and opaque color paint. The paint layer is uniform and usually monochrome. Back painted glass is a unique use of glass that has grown in popularity in recent years. It is basically exactly what it sounds like- glass that has been painted on the backside. Back painted glass is clear float glass that has been painted on one side so that it is no longer semitransparent but instead a solid color.

The applications for back painted glass vary widely, and it is commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings. From kitchens, and bathrooms, to glass wall panels designs and custom bar tops. It delivers a sleek and fresh modern look, clean lines, and easy maintenance. Back painted glass is a beautiful design element to add a touch of luxury to your home, office, or retail space. 

The real benefit of back painted glass is the unlimited color pallet available for a broad possibility of applications. The painted backside helps marker colors stand out. 

At Downey Glass, we specialize in all forms of back painted glass and are sure to have the resources needed to bring your unique design concept to completion.

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Paint is an environmentally friendly product for your home or business.

• Easy to maintain, easy to clean, humidity-resistant, and does not require grouting.

Non-flammable, water-based, low VOC paints

Custom color-matching from any reference material

Durable material is UV and moisture resistant

Works with any glass type, including low iron, textured, acid-etched, and more

Automated line ensures a consistent finish
Smooth, uniform, and glossy appearance for a high-end finish

• Highly Versatile: Capable of producing spandrel glass in standard and custom colors; available in a range of glass surface options

The ultra-clear glass used for the most accurate color

Several standard colors are in stock for quick and easy turnaround

Safety-tempered before painting

100% Fabricated in the USA

Back Painted Glass
Back Painted Glass


The uses for back painted glass are countless and can transform any space or structure in your newly designed space, or current renovations. From kitchen backsplash to furniture finishes and office walls to home surfacing, back painted glass can be employed anywhere.

Some of the uses for back painted glass are mentioned below.

• Standard and sliding doors

• Furniture Components

• Feature Walls

• Kitchen Backsplashes

• Counter Tops

• Signage

• Markerboards

• Kitchen

• Bathroom

• Commercial
• Furniture
• Wallcoverings
• Partitions
• Dry-erase boards

• Wall Cladding

• Partitions

• Elevator Cabs
• And more!


Rely on Professionals for Your Next Back Painted Glass Project. Get a FREE estimate on your next project!

Back Painted Glass

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At Downey Glass, we’re delighted to provide the finest back painted glass in the industry to companies in every field. To learn more about our back painted glass, reach out to our glass experts team to get a no-obligation quote.

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